Ultimate Guide to Article Writing

Article writing can be a struggle to many people. This is because they did not learn how to do it properly. When writing an article, you must follow several steps. This is to publish your ideas in a natural, organized and creative way.

Article writingA good article is informative and creative at the same time. Combining art and science into one work may be a challenge, but there is a technique to that. You must just simple follow these easy steps and tips.

The Topic

The topic of the article matters a lot on the side of the writer as it affects the process. As a writer, you must choose a topic that suits you well. So, how do you find a topic that perfectly fits? First, list down all the things that interest you. Yes, your topic must be about something in your interest. If not, you will feel like it is a burden to do the job.

The next step is choosing a topic you know about. You should at least have an idea about the subject you will write. It is difficult to start doing research about something you barely know. It is also easy to input your previous studies regarding that certain subject while doing the task.

The Content

In Article writing, the content is one of the most essential parts. This is what the audience will read about on your article. The content is the flesh of the article. It contains the meaty information that will feed your readers’ minds. This is where you put your message. This is where you will educate your leaders.

The content should have the answers to the questions the readers might have. It should contain all the necessary info. It should not leave your readers hanging with questions. It should be stuffed with thoroughly researched facts.

The Reader

The reader is, basically, your client. You write for your reader. Everything you input in your article is for your reader. Thus, your main goal is to please your reader. This is because, it is the reader who will either benefit or be confused with your article. It is the reader who will evaluate your work. Your reader’s personality matters a lot in using a certain writing style for your work.

The technique to know how to please the reader is to put yourself in their place. If you are the reader of your topic, what do you want to know about? What are your questions in mind? How do you want to be approached? How will you be entertained? What bores you?

The Tone

The tone of a write-up is, basically, the mood setter. It will manipulate your reader’s frame of mind while reading your work. This is the element that brings the entertainment factor in the whole article. The tone in Article writing is a way of giving a touch of art in a work full of texts.

The tone indicates your style as a writer. As mentioned above, you should consider your reader’s personality and place in the social strata. In this way, you will know in which tone you have to write your article. Some of these tones are conversational, formal, quirky, playful, professional, mysterious or affectionate. You must also be careful in your choice of words. Should you use jargons or simple words? It depends on your target readers. It is the element that tells you how to attack the reader’s mind with information and sense of style.

The tone does not only consider the reader’s preference. It should also be appropriate for the theme or the topic of the article. This factor could make or break your artistic approach in the article.

The Format

Different article types have different formats. First, you must know what kind of article you are writing. Then, consider the medium you are writing for. Next, know the rules in that particular medium.

Generally, Article writing has a format that will help your reader’s interpret your work in the most convenient way. Format specifically targets the physical appearance of the work. It focuses on pleasing the eyes of your audience. No reader wants to read a visually chaotic article.

The basic order in writing an article is to have an introduction, a body and conclusion. The introduction establishes the topic and catches the attention of the reader; in that particular order. The body is the flesh of the whole composition. The conclusion is the ending and concluding paragraph of the write-up.

The technique to organizing the information in the articles is to compose short and simple sentences. The shorter the sentences are, the more understandable they are. Long sentences can be very confusing. Paragraphs should also be as short as possible. The technique to this is to make sure you segregate information properly. Distribute them according to the specific topic they are talking about. Do not put unrelated information in one paragraph.

Bullets and subheads can help your readers understand your article well. These elements are very useful in stating multiple points in an enumerated and well-coordinated form.

Additional Tips

There are many other stuff you must learn about Article writing. One is to make sure you put information in the briefest form, but not too short. Make sure you include explanations to difficult statements. In doing this, be direct to the point. Do not cloud your reader’s minds with overwhelming information that do not contribute to their learning

Do not plagiarize. Plagiarism is a mortal sin in writing an article. Avoid plagiarism by citing your source. You can list them down at the end of your article or you can follow any referencing format.

Always support your statement with researched and credible facts. These can be images, historical facts, news and current events and statistical data.

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