Military Patches: Power in Stitched Form

The initial purpose of military patches is to indicate affiliation. A soldier’s unit can be easily distinguished with the patch worn on the sleeve. It is a powerful tool of identification and is helpful in keeping order within the military.

However, the purpose of patches goes beyond providing identity. It grants empowerment to its wearer. It is for this reason that a military patch may be called a morale patch.With each patch comes a sense of belonging and pride.Military patches symbolize an identity shared by members of a division or a unit. It cultivates esprit de corps. A strong sense of belonging with a group fosters unbreakable loyalty. This kind of strength is necessary to survive the years of service within the military. Soldiers have no one else to rely on except each other. They are a family. This mentality is further encouraged with patches.

A good amount of pride is healthy for all military personnel to survive too. Soldiers who are well aware of their true purpose and abilities are confident. Possessing confidence helps overcome fears and hesitation that can prove dangerous in threatening situations.

The patches are a source of pride and confidence since they symbolize a division’s purpose and accomplishments. It is a promise that its wearer would strive to live up to. They would do their best to be worthy of the patches that adorn in their uniforms.Military PatchesIn a way, military patches create an effecton military personnel that allow them to accomplish their duties effectively. The patch gives them prestige and responsibility. They belong in an honorable group and they must live up to the standards to maintain that reputation. They would do everything they can to avoid tarnishing the name and insignia they wear.

It is undeniable that the years within the military service can be terrible and dreary. Loved ones are far from reach and losing one’s life is always a possibility. This is especially true when one is out on campaigns. There would always be days where it would seem that there is no hope. Soldiers may always reach a point of giving up, leaving them emotionally vulnerable.

Loneliness and depression is the other enemy military personnel have to fight while doing their duty for their country. Handling these emotional issues properly can make the difference between life and death in the field. All help is needed to keep soldiers emotionally healthyso that they would make it through the end of their service with sanity intact.

Military patches can provide an adequate aid in battling a soldier’s inner demons. They are reminders of a soldier’s promise to protect. It is a source of strength to keep it together, live on, and bring pride to his division.

Some designs of patches can be very humorous. They can have silly images and even poke fun at their own unit. This breaks the bleak atmosphere that may lead soldiers into depression. They are good conversation starters. Nothing yields comradeship and hope than laughter even if it is at the expense of one’s own group. In a sense, the patches can be an instrumental stress reliever.

These patches can also be given to recognize someone or a group’s accomplishment. They are usually exclusive intricate designs. Being awarded with this type of patches is another source of pride for active members of the military. Veterans and family of the recipient can also get these special military branches in honor of services done for the country.

The military patches are a powerful tool of expression in the military. It shouts the identity and purpose of its wearer while promising company and survival. There is no need for words.