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Money is an important currency used to pay for almost anything in the world at the moment. Services and products are paid with money. This is the reason why owning genuine jewelry is important, because it is as good as owning cash. Real jewelry can be sold or pawned for fast money during emergencies and other instances where one does not have enough.

At, we understand the urgent need of clients. That’s why we have a no-fuss way of doing transactions.

There are many pawnshops in New York but very few offer the correct price for pawned items. Most of them understand that clients badly need cash and take advantage of the situation by offering a cheap price for the product if they can get away with it. But in, we recognize the value of every item offered to us for pawning or selling. We follow the market price of gold, silver or precious stones and base the value of a piece by how much precious element it contains. The value is measured at price per gram.

The service in the establishment is also excellent, as the employees are professional and well-trained. Those who conduct the appraisals are expert in their field, and honest in declaring the value of each piece. We believe in the importance of gaining the trust of the clients in growing the business. People will keep on coming back and the company can keep on making profits, even if only in small amounts for every transaction. What matters is the long-term reputation that will carry on for years.

People should be wise in choosing the pawnshop where they will entrust their valued jewelry and watches. It should be with the store where they will be appraised properly and handled with care while being held collateral. And that is what is all about. The clients are also oriented properly as to the conditions of the pawnshop in buying or pawning their pieces. They are informed that the shop will hold their item for 4 months at the maximum, with 3% interest every month. After this term, their item will be considered as a property of the pawnshop and can be bought by other clients.

The pawnshop has two branches in New York City –

People can locate them conveniently through the company website, Trust that the company will give you the highest price for your pieces and the process will be smooth. Once the written agreements are signed by both parties, the client will be readily given the loan or sale amount in cash, then be rest assured that their piece will be intact and as valuable as when they have pawned it by the time they pay the loan.

The pawnshop is also a seller of valuable second items, mostly pawned and never paid back by other clients. These pieces are well-maintained and sold at their current market value. The shop profits very reasonably, for the same reason of wanting to gain the trust of clients and maintain a good relationship with them for a long time. It is always about keeping the customers satisfied.

PawnSo if you want to get the most value for your jewelry, check out before going to other pawnshops. We will be very happy to give you an honest appraisal of your item and provide a good reference price for you in case you decide to compare with other establishments. Our store will assist you the best way we could, and the decision lies on you. New York could be a jungle when it comes to transactions involving money, and we want to help people simplify their lives even just in making the process of pawning their items easy and convenient.

Interested clients can check-out our website for more information. Customer feedbacks are also available and may come handy when making decisions on whether to pawn or sell and what pawnshop to choose. Remember that being well-informed before going about a transaction involving money is always wise. It will keep you from being deceived and offered less than what your jewelry really amounts to. Our transparency online and in the actual store will show you that we mean business, one that is honest and reliable.


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