Lanyards are cords or ropes used to carry an object. They’re usually worn around the neck, but can also be worn around the wrist or shoulder. Most people use these items to avoid losing particular objects such as keys and identification cards. Most of them also use these as a medium for marketing efforts by printing on it a brand or company name. These are just a few examples why such accessories are a partner of everyone in securing their personal belongings.

However, lanyards, contrary to popular knowledge, served purposes other than security and promotion. While some people call them in another way such as ropes or support cords, these items are actually called lanyards. With the improving condition of people’s lives, they start to use things outside the functions for which they are created. For instance, knives are built to cut food, but now they are used to cut different items and they can also be used as weapons. The same thing can be said for these items. While normally they are used to secure personal items, creativity of man led them to be used for other extraordinary purposes.

The following are four uses of lanyards that most people do not know :

1. They are used in construction projects

lanyardsThese items are used in construction projects not as an identification card or a key holder, but as a support cord for workers. These ropes or cords are used by workers to support their weight while they are in an elevated area. For instance, they are used when making elevator shafts. They are also used by workers when cleaning windows of tall buildings, and they are used to bring materials up to the construction area and down to the supply area.

2. They can also secure people

These items are known to carry and secure small items such as cards, phones and pens. However, they can also carry and secure people on different places, depending on the nature of work or activity that they are doing. For instance, these items secure people whenever they climb mountains or when they do rappelling. These items are also used in zip lines and in cable cars. Also known as vertical lifelines, these items, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, must be protected against abrasion or cutting. It must also be able to support a minimum breaking force of 5,000 pounds per person.

3. They are used by pirates during early times

When pirates were still a rather common sight, these items were used in securing their weapons (such as knives and daggers). Aside from security, these items were also used as design to swords and as insignias of groups or factions. These items enabled pirates to distinguish between allies and enemies. It also helped them determine the targets which they must attack.

4. They are used to secure pets

These items can be used to secure pets whenever a person walks or jogs with them. It can easily be attached to a collar to prevent one’s pet from traveling from one place to another. In fact, a customized lanyard for pets may even include the owner’s personal and contact information; that way, a pet’s home could be located without too much trouble.

These items (usually known as ropes and cords) were already used many years ago, but the terminology itself was not associated with any particular use. It is true that such accessories can be called a rope, a cable, a cord, or a harness; nevertheless, they can be called lanyards, and knowing these uses can help people use them in many different ways.


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