Cost Evaluation of Search Engine Optimization Services

When putting up small and large businesses, owners should consider investing on the cost of search engine optimization services to have a more successful marketing campaign. In fact, it’s essential to determine the rate of SEO services based on three different pricing models:

1.    Hourly cost
2.    Project-based cost
3.    Monthly cost

SEOHourly cost is the most common pricing model. In this case, the search engine optimization consultant of a company is paid at a fixed rate per hour. How does this pricing model work?  This usually requires performing a set of services and activities for a specific number of hours within a certain time period. After a month or a project, the total number of hours spent by a consultant will be given to the business owners for evaluation. Once approved, the consultant can receive his salary based on the agreed price per hour.

How do business owners determine the rates to be paid per hour?

Usually, the pay rate for getting search engine optimization services starts from $20. Hourly rate can go as high as $200 depending on the company’s expertise in offering the service. However, it is still negotiable depending on both parties’ agreement. Apart from the expertise, two other factors can increase the rate of SEO service. These are:

  • Geographical location – According to a study, US-based firms offer more affordable search engine optimization services than companies based in Australia.
  • Employee size – Greater employee size means more expenses in getting search engine optimization services.

However, the hourly rates mentioned above can also offer some great deals that business owners can enjoy. For instance, a $30 rate for an SEO service may also come with an internet marketing service, for more details please visit our website

seo-marketingThe project-based pay is slightly different. This time, consultants or firms that offer search engine optimization services will get a standard pay for doing their jobs no matter how long they have worked for it. Sometimes, business owners will give 30% down payment and the remaining 70% will be given after achieving a specific milestone (ex. accomplishing marketing campaigns or completing a website construction).

Typically, this pricing model is ideal for businesses that are not yet sure of the total number of hours they need to a particular search engine optimization task. Also, small-sized firms with limited resources and budget are considering this method as an option.

What’s the best pricing model among the three?

It’s hard to distinguish what’s the best among the three, mainly because it is dependent on specific situations. However, it would be better to take advantage of combined payment schemes. For example, business owners can make an arrangement saying that there will be a fixed price for clearly-defined tasks and there will be a ceiling rate for the price based on project duration.

What are the things to consider when spending on search engine optimization services? Some of the most important factors to consider are online marketing presence, goals, purpose, etc. However, there are three basic tips that each business owner can keep in mind:

  • Don’t treat it as a cost but an investment. Money is wisely spent if placed on investments. In fact, search engine optimization services can provide a favorable ROI (return of investment) based on target goals.
  • Spend on search engine optimization services if the company needs to rely on website traffic. This is to increase profits especially if the company website is getting more popular among clients.
  • Consider the long-term results. Business owners may need to wait for a maximum of 7 months to see the effect of SEO campaigns. For this case, it’s ideal to spend $1,500 on a 10-month campaign rather than spending $4,000 on a campaign that will only run for 2 months.