A Keynote Speaker can be Funny and a Good Story Teller

When someone mentions a keynote speaker, what usually comes to mind is a charismatic person who can deliver an inspirational speech, with ease, to a huge crowd in a room. He is someone who seems dignified, confident, and easy to be with.

Keynote speakerSome speakers are invited as special guests, and there are a few good ones who get to travel for a series of speaking engagements. The more popular speakers are also good writers, and some have published inspirational books and often gets invited in talk shows. Someone who can tell a good story, by capturing the interests of his audience, could be a good keynoter.

A Good Speaker

A good story teller is not someone who just reads from the book and speaks in a monotone voice. An engaging story teller is someone who can bring the scenery, drama, and action from the book into real life. He can make his listeners feel what it’s like to be a part of the story and keep them interested from beginning to end.

A good keynote speaker is similar to a good story teller; he must be able to keep the interests of his audience intact. He needs to inspire and influence his listeners with his animated and clear voice, and not bore them to death. No listener would stay awake through the entire duration of the speech or lecture if the keynoter failed to captivate the audience.

There are times when a keynoter needs to inject humor into his speech to keep the discussion lively. Although, he should keep it minimal so the audience will be able to clearly understand the important things that he needs to impart. It is possible that, at the end of day, the audience will only remember the funny antics (if there is too much humor) and not the useful message in the speech.

An engaging keynote speaker, who is a good story teller and funny, is invigorating; he drives the crowd laughing while benefitting from the stories that he included in his speech. A speaker should throw funny lines that can also stimulate the minds of his audience. He should maintain his goal of delivering an inspiring lecture. The speech must be able to influence the listeners to make positive changes in their lives.You can also get more idea from motivational-speaker-success.com

It is important for a keynoter to keep everything balanced. Too much of anything might make the event a failure. Too much funny antics coupled with speech that has little to no valuable substance to offer can be dangerous. If you are looking for a night of laughter, then going to a comedy bar could have been more practical.

The Serious Speaker

There are speakers who appear strict and serious regarding their business, yet they can still deliver compelling keynote speech. Perhaps, it is due to their commanding presence, a piece that contains loads of information, clear and distinct voice, or something else. The said speakers might not even use humor in their speech, yet they can keep their audience interested in the things they need to say.

Different speakers have different approach in connecting with their audience. The most important tasks of a keynoter are to catch the attention of the audience and influence them to stay focused on the discussion and nowhere else. He should be able to make them stay wide awake throughout his speech. He must be able to present the things that he needs to say in a clear and precise manner. He should not create confusion in the minds of his listeners.

A good keynote speaker can be funny, a good story teller, and he can also be a serious speaker with oozing charisma. The most important thing is he can deliver the speech that can bestow positive influence to his audience